Suggestions for accessing content on KHHP

KHHP strives to facilitate open access to the content on this site. For any open access content included on the site, we have provided direct links. However, due to copyright restrictions, you may encounter content on the KHHP site that you cannot immediately access. For any restricted content (which may include journal articles, news articles, etc.), there are a few options for access:

  1. Request the content via interlibrary loan. This is a service libraries provide to expand access to content. If you are affiliated with a college or university, contact your academic library and inquire how to submit an interlibrary loan request. If you are not affiliated with a college or university, contact your local public library to inquire about the interlibrary loan services they offer.
  2. Search for a freely available version on Google Scholar. Sometimes, third parties will make content available. Search the title of the article in Google Scholar and see what options display to the right of the results. If you see links, try clicking them. If you do not see links, there is no access available.
  3. Contact the KHHP administrators. Click the link below the project administrators’ names on the About Us page. We will do our best to help you access the content you are interested in.


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